Headshot Lighting


  • light aimed directly at the subject (in front of)
  • have the light source just above the camera


  • light directly in front & above
  • try placing a reflector horizontally on the subject’s lap to make shadows less harsh (silver or white side up)


  • light above & angled down
  • it should leave one side of the face almost in shadow except for a triangular shape of light on the cheekbone
  • use this lighting for dramatic shots


  • subject is lit from the side
  • resulting in only half the face being lit with the other half in shadow
  • this technique is used more for athletes etc. as it’s good at showing off ab muscles for example



Christmas catalogues

Is it weird that since taking a keener interest in this hobby of mine, when browsing through the Christmas catalogues, instead of looking at the products being advertised, I find myself trying to work out the lighting & other techniques used to obtain the final images?

Maybe I’ve crossed a line that can never be uncrossed?!