Week 49

Settings: f/13, 1/80 second, ISO 100, 29mm focal length

Set up. Looking through some wooden crate seats (taken in Halifax, Nova Scotia along the harbourwalk).

Opinion. It would have been nice to have a lighthouse or something a little more picturesque framed in the second seat but I still like the concept.


Week 48

Settings: f/16, 20 seconds, ISO 100, 35mm focal length

Set up. With the camera on a tripod positioned on a bridge over the motorway. Turn IS off, mirror lock on, focus a third of the way into the frame & then switch AF off. Keep the ISO low & in TV mode have the shutter open for as long as it takes the cars to enter & exit the frame. You may require exposure compensation depending upon how light the resulting image is. I also used the 2 second shutter delay function to avoid any camera shake.

Opinion. I’ve been wanting to try this for a while. Winter is definitely the prefered time of year to attempt this technique as the short days mean you can coincide the sun setting with peak traffic times. I like the effect of the car indicating to come off the motorway resulting in dashed yellow lights on the left of the red trail.

Week 47

Christmas heart shaped bokeh

Settings: f/1.8, 0.6 second, ISO 100, 50mm prime

Set up. Draw around the lens cap on a piece of black card. In the centre use a modelling knife to cut out the shape of your choice (in this case, a heart). Remember the greater the distance between the bauble & the lights, the better the bokeh. You could use a torch to illuminate the bauble if it appears too dark in the image. Focus on the bauble then place the cut out card in front of the lens (ensuring there are no light leaks) & take the shot.

Opinion. This is a similar photo to the very first one I took when starting this project. However, I’ve taken it a step further by altering the shape of the bokeh.

Week 46

Settings: f/11, 10 seconds, ISO 100, 55mm focal length

Set up. With the camera on a tripod & in AV mode, select a mid-aperture. Initially focus in on the tree. As you press the shutter, zoom out steadily (not too fast or the light trails won’t be as bright).

Opinion. This was the one of the first pictures I attempted to take for my project, back in January. However, I wasn’t happy with the results. So here we are 45 weeks later (& after the purchase of a significantly more stable tripod!) to have another go. Still not perfect but I’m improving with time!

Week 45

Settings: f/6.3, 1/200 second, ISO 100, 55mm focal length

Set up. Place Cyril on a post, backlit by the sun & shoot from below using the post to block any lens flare.

Opinion. I was going for a zombie/Cyberman type idea here with the foreground nicely out of focus. I know, there are compositional problems (don’t crop at the knees but in the alternative shots I’d cropped him at the ankles which is also a no go!) Overall, I like it.