Wek 42

Settings: f/5.7, 1/250 second, ISO 200, 55mm focal length

Set up. I positioned a small, portable worklight behind a sheet of white, A3 paper to provide a backlight. A rectangular vase was then placed in front of the paper & filled with cold water. With the camera in Manual mode, I used a straw placed in the vase to manually set the focus using Live View. I then used an eye dropper to drop the food colouring into the vase & quickly swapped it for my remote flash which was held directly over the water. I triggered the camera with a remote shutter release.

Opinion. Another fun project with very little editing afterwards. A touch of brightness, a little boost in saturation & a few dabs with the healing tool to get rid of any rogue air bubbles. Oh & I rotated the image 180 as I’m sure you all realised.