Week 43

Settings: f/16, 1.30 seconds, ISO 100, 55mm focal length

Set up. A cyberman toy in a sink!

Opinion. Inspired by Kristina Alexanderson’s work with her stormtroopers K. Alexanderson Flickr page I thought I’d start my own project. The aim is to help improve my composition & forced perspective skills while having a little fun along the way. I had thought of making it a 50mm prime only deal too. This way I could really narrow down the depth of field. But I decided it’s probably better to concentrate on doing a couple of things well rather than attempt several ideas all at once.


Wek 42

Settings: f/5.7, 1/250 second, ISO 200, 55mm focal length

Set up. I positioned a small, portable worklight behind a sheet of white, A3 paper to provide a backlight. A rectangular vase was then placed in front of the paper & filled with cold water. With the camera in Manual mode, I used a straw placed in the vase to manually set the focus using Live View. I then used an eye dropper to drop the food colouring into the vase & quickly swapped it for my remote flash which was held directly over the water. I triggered the camera with a remote shutter release.

Opinion. Another fun project with very little editing afterwards. A touch of brightness, a little boost in saturation & a few dabs with the healing tool to get rid of any rogue air bubbles. Oh & I rotated the image 180 as I’m sure you all realised.

Week 41

Settings: f/13, 2.5 seconds, ISO 100, 36mm focal length

Set up. A simple home studio set up with a sheet of plain white A3 paper blu tacked to a box. My camera was placed on a tripod with an external flash fitted, pointing upwards to diffuse the light & operated using the 2 second shutter delay function.

Opinion. This is a case of one hobby replacing another. I’ve always loved models, be it Airfix kits, Hornby railway set ups or anything else in miniature. Before I had children, I loved making these Warhammer creations. I never played the game I just found the models so detailed & cool looking (who wouldn’t want to make a hord of evil goblins riding on the backs of giant spiders?!) Sadly after collecting dust in a display case for the past few years it’s time to pack them up & banish them to the loft. But not before I take a few photographs.

Week 40

Settings: Samsung Galaxy S4

Set up. A quick night shot taken while shopping.

Opinion. Kendals (now House of Fraser) always went above & beyond at Christmas with their outside decorations. It was part of what made Deansgate in Manchester look like Christmas when I was a kid & it’s good to see things haven’t changed today.

Week 39

Settings: f/16, 1/200 second, ISO 100, 55mm focal length

Set up. With the camera on a tripod & in continuous shooting mode, I took three consecutive images using AEB at 0, -2 & +2. Then using the software program “EasyHDR” I created a final HDR image.

Opinion. This is my first effort at an HDR photograph. An hour before sunset there were plenty of fluffy clouds around & I’d originally set out in the hope of capturing a ‘golden hour’ shot with lots of wonderful colours in the sky. However, as the sun began to dip below the horizon I was left with an expanse of clear blue & so decided to use some images I’d taken earlier instead.