Week 37

Settings: f/5, 1/40 second, ISO 100, 21mm focal length

Set up. An autumnal stroll through Rothay Park, Ambleside. Having recently read an article on Digital Camera World about using backlighting when photographing autumn leaves, I set out to attempt this technique. I was lucky with the weather (clear sky/bright overcast conditions) & dialled in the recommended settings (ie. RAW, low ISO, white balance set to cloudy, polariser filter used, under expose by a third).

Opinion. As you can imagine at this time of year, the majority of photographic magazines & websites are packed with wonderful autumnal shots. And why not? Some of the colours on display are truly amazing. Feeling suitably inspired, I set off for a family day out with my camera at the ready. I was very happy with the final image, especially as I did very little in the way of post production touching up (a tiny increase in contrast, minor vibrancy boost & a smidge of sharpening was all it took). Many of the trees looked like they’d be at their autumn peak in a week’s time but with strong winds forecast for the next couple of days I’m glad I went when I did.