Week 38

Settings: f/13, 1/80 second, ISO 100, 30mm focal length

Set up. Experimenting with spot metering to see what effect it had on the final image. I was also very conscious of composition using the “rule of thirds” & making sure there was sufficient gap between the top of the pier posts & the lake shore beyond.

Opinion. There is a lot about this image I like. The subtle tones of the picture, the way the mountains on the distant shore become progressively lighter, the sun flare. Plus, this is almost straight from camera which is even better. If I’m being picky, the composition could be stronger (perhaps including the end of the pier or taking it from a higher vantage point to separate the yacht on the left from the pier posts) but for possibly my first attempt using this metering mode, I think it has potential.


Week 37

Settings: f/5, 1/40 second, ISO 100, 21mm focal length

Set up. An autumnal stroll through Rothay Park, Ambleside. Having recently read an article on Digital Camera World about using backlighting when photographing autumn leaves, I set out to attempt this technique. I was lucky with the weather (clear sky/bright overcast conditions) & dialled in the recommended settings (ie. RAW, low ISO, white balance set to cloudy, polariser filter used, under expose by a third).

Opinion. As you can imagine at this time of year, the majority of photographic magazines & websites are packed with wonderful autumnal shots. And why not? Some of the colours on display are truly amazing. Feeling suitably inspired, I set off for a family day out with my camera at the ready. I was very happy with the final image, especially as I did very little in the way of post production touching up (a tiny increase in contrast, minor vibrancy boost & a smidge of sharpening was all it took). Many of the trees looked like they’d be at their autumn peak in a week’s time but with strong winds forecast for the next couple of days I’m glad I went when I did.

Week 36

Settings: Stock photo

Set up. I took two stock images from the internet & blended them together using the brush tool with varying degrees of opacity.

Opinion. My initial goal was to create an image for mental block. I thought a solid brick wall blended into the forehead would be a good representation. I’m not sure the final result is as effective as I’d like but it was good blending practise for me.