Week 35

Settings: Late 1970’s film print

Old red

Set up. Take an old photo that has faded & reddened somewhat. Crop, then lower the saturation of the red channel to bring back the original colours. Adjust the levels, a little dodge & burn plus minimal sharpening & hopefully you’ll have a reasonable end result.

Opinion. I was fairly happy with the end result, bringing some of the colour back or at least, lessening the red tint to this photo. Obviously I couldn’t do anything about the focus. Also, this being a scan of an old photo & not a RAW file as I’m used to, I was limited to the amount of corrections I could perform (even sharpening it to a moderate degree made the image very grainy). I think we’re all a little spoilt these days with our digital images & post processing techniques. In the end this photo brings back great memories & sometimes that’s all a photograph needs to do.