Week 32

Settings: f/11, 1 second, ISO 100, 18mm focal length

Set up. I placed my camera underneath the floor tom.

Opinion. Many photography articles discussing how to improve your composition skills talk about adjusting your perspective of a scene. Instead of taking pictures standing up (resulting in an image everyone would recognise) try a different view of your subject such as, a bird’s-eye view. After re-skinning & tuning up my drum kit I wondered if I could capture a picture from directly underneath a drum while I was playing. The result wasn’t as good as I’d imagined. Not only were there focus issues with both skins vibrating but the stick contact with the batter head often looked like a mark you’d normally delete in post processing! In the end I opted for the sticks just lying across the drum. At first I wasn’t sure I liked the double reflection of the camera in the top skin & considered erasing it in Elements. But as time passed it bothered me less.