Week 29

Harris Shutter effect, wine glass, drink

Settings: f/5.6, 1/60 second, ISO 400, 49mm focal length

Set up. Harris shutter effect. For the initial shots, pour water into a wine glass while operating the camera with a remote trigger. To obtain the Harris shutter effect, turn each of the three images red, green & blue respectively (add a Solid Colour layer to the image & set the properties to R:255, G:0 & B:0 for example, change the blending mode to “multiply” & then Layer>Merge down). Add all the layers onto the red image & alter the blending mode of the green & blue images to “lighten”. Finally, add the finishing touches such as dodge & burn, hue/saturation adjustments & sharpening.

Opinion. I’ve been wanting to attempt this effect for a while now (& after painting a blackboard onto my kitchen wall for my daughter, found I had the ideal backdrop!) While this was a standard type of shot I’ve seen replicated on the web many times, I can see the possibilities & may try a more imaginative image at a later date.