Week 31

Gasp, layers, photo manipulation, weird, cool, monochrome

Settings: f/5, 1/60 second, ISO 400, 39mm focal length

Set up. Camera on a tripod in front of my new favourite backdrop, the chalk wall! There are many tutorials & probably many different ways to accomplish this relatively simple result on the web. I used the video from Ticknor Photography (thanks Rob).

Opinion. This is actually my first ever selfie! So I thought it only fitting to create something a little different. More Photoshop skill than photography knowledge it was easy to do (with a little help from my new friend on You Tube of course).


Week 30

Settings: Samsung Galaxy S4

Set up. Out & about.

Opinion. Here is another example of the best camera being the one you have with you at the time. On the way to a birthday party with my daughter, we’d parked up & were walking to the venue when we passed this street. The old MG at the top of the image reminded me of a scene from the late 70’s (despite the modern rubbish bins lining the alley!) & so once home I added a sepia tint & vignette to try to recreate the appearance of an old photo.

Week 29

Harris Shutter effect, wine glass, drink

Settings: f/5.6, 1/60 second, ISO 400, 49mm focal length

Set up. Harris shutter effect. For the initial shots, pour water into a wine glass while operating the camera with a remote trigger. To obtain the Harris shutter effect, turn each of the three images red, green & blue respectively (add a Solid Colour layer to the image & set the properties to R:255, G:0 & B:0 for example, change the blending mode to “multiply” & then Layer>Merge down). Add all the layers onto the red image & alter the blending mode of the green & blue images to “lighten”. Finally, add the finishing touches such as dodge & burn, hue/saturation adjustments & sharpening.

Opinion. I’ve been wanting to attempt this effect for a while now (& after painting a blackboard onto my kitchen wall for my daughter, found I had the ideal backdrop!) While this was a standard type of shot I’ve seen replicated on the web many times, I can see the possibilities & may try a more imaginative image at a later date.

Week 28

Settings: iPhone 6

Set up. Music video shoot. Pour lighter fluid onto a cymbal, light with a match & play.

Opinion. This image could have been produced in Photoshop or some similar software but it’s actually not been modified at all. It’s surprising how quickly the lighter fluid burns, only providing 6 to 7 seconds of shooting time before it dies out. The cymbal can get quite hot too especially after 5 or 6 takes so be aware of this if you’re going to attempt to replicate the effect. And it goes without saying to use an old, cheap cymbal you don’t care about. Although it is the fluid that is burning, the cymbal’s finish does tarnish & I expect may eventually crack due to the heating & cooling of the metal over a period of time.

Week 27

Star Wars Lego stormtrooper humour

Settings: f/8, 1/30 second, ISO 100, 50mm prime

Set up. In the bathroom with obviously far too much time on my hands!

Opinion. “These aren’t the rhoids we’re looking for!” (Stormtrooper humour)

This started off as a product shoot (& not the one eventually featured) but then my mind wandered! I took the image in portrait as opposed to landscape format on purpose as I wanted to include parts of the shelf below to emphasise the fact the scene is taken in a bathroom. It made me smile anyway.