Week 22

Settings: f/16, 1/200 second, ISO 100, 50mm prime

Set up. Fill a fish tank, two-thirds full & place an external flash at one end (camera left). Position a reading light shining downwards towards the middle of the tank. A remote shutter release was used to avoid camera shake. Synchronize the shutter to coincide with the lemons hitting the water. Make sure to wipe clean the glass of the tank in between each shot (a window squeegee comes in handy for this). Also, don’t forget to protect your flash from water splashes (I used a ziplock, sandwich bag simply placed over the top).

Opinion.  I enjoyed this the set up & shoot. However, the lemons in the final image aren’t really that sharp. I think my mistake was attempting this project in a room that wasn’t completely dark (or at least, the settings on the camera have to produce a black image without any flash in order to completely freeze the motion). It was still a lot of fun to do.