Week 13

Settings: f/5.6, 1/1250 second, ISO 200, 55mm

Set up. I took this picture using TV mode as I knew I required a fast shutter speed to freeze the motion. However, the original images were quite dark. So in an attempt to correct this, I opened up the aperture to allow more light into the camera. I now had a different problem in that I had to be more accurate with the focusing (due to the DoF being smaller) & on a moving subject too. This wasn’t helped by the fact I was shooting through a wire fence so I opted for “Al Servo” auto focus to get a little help from the camera. Still too dark. Finally, I remembered that if I increased the ISO this would brighten the final image as it increases the camera’s sensitivity to light.

Opinion. Freezing a sporting moment in time has always appealed to me but this was the first time I’d attempted it. The final image isn’t quite as sharp as I’d like but as previously stated, shooting through a wire fence resulted in having to hold the camera steady in order to avoid getting the fence in my image which hindered tracking the pitcher. I only shot single images too, not continuous fames, for fear of the sound putting my nephew off his game. Perhaps this would have led to more interesting compositions (it would certainly led to more photographs being taken!) I’ll have to read up on how the pro’s do it for the next time I try.