Week 11

Settings: f/4.5, 1/50 second, ISO 100, 50mm prime

Set up. I took a few of my wife’s freshly baked blueberry seeded muffins & arranged them on a plate. I placed this on a table near the kitchen window, with a large, white dinner plate held on the opposite side to reflect some of the light back (it was an overcast day & so I didn’t need to diffuse the sunlight coming through the window). With the camera on a tripod I selected AV mode & set a large aperture in order to obtain a narrow depth of field. I also focused the shot manually & set white balance to “auto”. Finally, after checking the histogram for any exposure problems, I dialled it up by two-thirds to compensate for any clipping.

Opinion. I have to confess, food photography was not high on my list of styles to attempt when I began this project back in early January. However, I am quite pleased with the result. I think I was fortunate with the lighting conditions provided by mother nature on the day. A couple of tips I picked up while searching the internet beforehand definitely paid off too (namely, to use a wider aperture to focus on what’s important & to reflect some of the window light back onto the subject). Then it was just a matter of composition (I’d started shooting from a higher vantage point but found more pleasing results when I got lower down).