Week 8

Settings: f/8, 1/400 second, ISO 3200, focal length 55mm

Set up. I placed a casserole dish in a baking tray & filled it with water up to the brim. Suspended above the dish was a zip lock bag half filled with water, which I then pricked with a needle to allow it to drip steadily. Behind the dish I positioned a large piece of coloured card as a backdrop while in front I had two household lights shining onto the drops (see photo).

Water droplet set up

Next I stood a spoon up where the drops were landing in the dish & used the camera’s auto focus to lock onto it before switching to manual focus. Then I merrily clicked away!

Opinion. I did enjoy this little scenario despite having a few problems at the start. I’d watched three or four You Tube videos beforehand & was attempting to use the non flash method of capturing the shot. In the videos I’d seen the settings used had been f/8, 1/1200 sec, ISO 400 & another with f/5, 1/4000 sec & ISO 800 however, for me both these settings produced very dark images. I experimented with adjusting the shutter speeed & ISO but couldn’t find a good balance. In the end I opted for aperture priority mode to set the aperture myself & let the camera work out the shutter speed (I was surprised how slow it actually turned out to be).

water droplet 2 water droplet 4

Hardly any post production this week. A little sharpening & that was it.