Photoshop CS translations

When following Photoshop tutorials online or in magazines I often find they are written for Photoshop CS or CC. Consequently, I’m often coming across instructions to use buttons or functions that Elements doesn’t have. However, sometimes there are alternatives which produce similar results. Here are a few I’ve come across recently.

Photoshop CS: “Neutral Layer”

Elements: Layer>New>Layer. Edit>Fill>Layer (set contents to 50% grey). Change ‘Normal’ blend mode to ‘Overlay’. Then dodge & burn as appropriate.

CS: Layer>Rasterize>Smart object

Elements: Layer>Simplify

CC: Warp mode

Elements: Filter>Distort>Liquify. Set brush size as required. Click ‘pointing finger’ icon in the top left menu.

I’m sure I’ll post others to remind myself, as I discover them.