Week 4

Settings: Photoshop Elements 13

Set up. Sat at the computer with lots of coffee! A composite of 11 separate images.

Opinion. Having discovered the amazing work of Erik Johansson (check out his website http://erikjohanssonphoto.com/work/imagecats/personal/ ) I’d longed to have a go at creating a similar style composite image myself & so was quite excited when I stumbled upon an advertisement for “Photoshop Creative” (issue 121) magazine which featured an article taking you through the process. I duly ordered the above issue & eagerly awaited its arrival.

The tutorial suggested a time of 2 hours to complete but took me a little over 5. However, some of this time was spent learning where the various features were on my software. After a few visits to You Tube & the Adobe help page I managed to locate the various mode buttons for example, in order to complete the task in hand. I also had to adapt some of the instructions, which are written primarily for Photoshop CS or CC & not as simple to execute in Elements. Having said that, I now feel I have learnt new skills within the program & would be a lot quicker should I feel the need to repeat a similar tutorial.

I enjoyed the creative process involved in this challenge & will definitely attempt something similar in the future. This was a good exercise to not only teach me new skills within Elements but also familiarise myself with some of the basics.