Week 3

Settings: f/14, 1/50 second, ISO 100, 50mm prime

Set up. A walk in the fog with my camera.

Opinion. At last, I finally made it outside this week!

After a light covering of snow Saturday evening, I woke Sunday morning to a thick blanket of fog & so set off, armed with my 50mm prime lens, with the aim of capturing the silhouette of a tree in the mist. I’d recently read an article on the “Digital Photography School” website where the author (Tim Gilbreath) had championed the merits of using a ‘nifty fifty’ for landscape shots as opposed to their usual forte, portraits (http://digital-photography-school.com/5-quick-reasons-use-nifty-fifty-landscape-photography/). He claimed the added clarity of using a prime lens over a zoom provided better end results. Plus, as he pointed out in the article, I definitely found myself having to think more about my shots (considering angles & distance) as I walked about rather than merely adjusting the zoom.

After failing to locate a lone tree fit for my purpose I chose the above composition & proceeded to experiment with different apertures to see how the increasing depth of field affected the overall image. I eventually settled for this shot. I think compositionally it could have been stronger if the fence post was slightly more to the left allowing the trunk of the tree to be viewed in its entirety. However, the angle of the barbed wire fence hindered this result.