Week 2

Settings: f/16, 5 seconds, ISO 100, 50mm

Set up. I found a black & white, diagonally striped pattern on Google images & printed it out on a sheet of A4 paper, which was then attached to a cereal box. This was placed on the kitchen table with three (very clean) glasses in front, making sure the glasses overlapped each other. Each glass was filled with water to varying levels.The camera was mounted on a tripod & the flash was turned off to avoid unnecessary reflections in the glasses.

Opinion. I like the way the pint glass alters the black lines behind to resemble a large humbug! I would have preferred to attempt this using more tumbler style glasses of differing heights rather than the wine glasses however, the ones I have are scratched due to dishwasher cleaning & didn’t look good when photographed. Maybe a trip to the local supermarket is due to purchase some new ones & possibly a black & white tartan background this time?