Week 1

Settings: f/2.8, 1.30 seconds, ISO 100, 50mm prime lens

Set-up. I placed the snowman on a cymbal stand a couple of feet from the tree & the camera on a tripod as close to the decoration as possible without being detrimental to the focus. I used my 50mm prime lens (in AV mode) in order to have as wide an aperture as possible therefore, producing a very shallow depth of field (I did try my other lens first but the bokeh were smaller & not as impressive). I have viewed similar images with people using a macro lens but seeing as I don’t have one of these I had to make do with the prime. Switching off the TV & all other lights in the lounge apart from one help to avoid having additional reflections on the snowman (if using a bauble with a reflective surface be careful not to get yourself in the photo too).

Opinion. This type of photography allows you almost complete control during the shoot. You can afford to take your time & have as many attempts as you need until you’re happy. No adverse weather conditions to worry about, no rushing before the light goes & the model is easy to work with! Given these factors, I think it was a smart decision to begin my year with something along these lines.