New beginnings

Having recently purchased my first DSLR camera I’ve been exploring the almost endless possibilities this fun, new piece of equipment provides. It’s definitely become a very creative, engaging hobby. However, due to the general constraints of family life (or, me not committing to photographing everyday you could say!) after a few months of trying various hints & tips from magazine articles, photography websites, You Tube etc. I found I was forgetting some of the earlier stuff I’d learnt. I was then left trying to remember which source I’d used to do obtain the information required.

So I’ve decided to start a blog, mainly for my own benefit, to use as a source of reference where I can jot down any useful pieces of information gained & have then all in one place.
As I mentioned, I’m an absolute beginner at this so a lot of the posts may be too simplistic for all you hardened photographers out there. But if by following my journey you gleam something you previously didn’t know or, you just want to have a laugh at my elementary mistakes, then I hope you come back to read more.